spoonah (spoonah) wrote in vaginapagina,


Questions about the process after taking RU-486.

I just got back from the doctor's office after taking Mifepristone. I am instructed to insert 5 pills vaginally on Sunday and Monday. Until then I have a few questions about what I should and shouldn't in between then. I was going to post in the abortioninfo community but it doesn't seem very active and this community has always been great with responses so thank you for your time!
For the past month I have been super bloated due to constipation...before I found out I was pregnant I thought it was just a bad period but I guess I was wrong! :P Would it be safe to take laxatives so soon after ingesting Mifepristone? I would just love some relief right about now!
And also, some friends are coming over tonight for dinner where there will be plenty of booze. Is a glass of wine safe? I'm just cautious about it because I know aspirin is bad to take right now but I'm not sure if it's because of the blood thinning properties or something else. I don't want to get drunk or anything but after this whole ordeal which has been very trying and I would love to have a "normal" evening with friends.
I tried calling the doctor but alas, it is Friday and the office is closed. Again thank you for your time!
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