okamikaze (okamikaze) wrote in vaginapagina,

Boob mysteries.

Hi all again, thank you for all your advice on my last post!

I know my girl tend to fluctuate somewhere between 34B and 34C. When they grow it kinda hurts, although not nearly as much as it did the first couple of times, but I'm happy, because they look fabulous (not that smaller breasts aren't beautiful and all, I just like them better when they're in the C range). When I have my withdrawal week, they tend to shrink. Well, last night I was changing, and I glanced in the mirror, and they not only shrunk (I'm on my withdrawal bleed week) but they seemed kinda...sad and droopy a bit. They look fine when they get a bit bigger, but I was just wondering, does the constant fluctuation in size hurt the tissue at all? It would make some sort of sense if the skin got stretched out a bit, and then sagged when the mass was gone.

Which, btw, why do my boobs do that? Can't they just grow and stay there? It's annoying having to figure out which of my bras fit and which don't anymore every four weeks to have it all change back in a week or so.

Thank you!
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