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A small update: trip to the gynecologist

 I do believe the vagina saga is over (hopefully). I feel a bit silly making so many updates, but I dunno, this has been a mysterious situation, and it seems like there's always new developments. To review: two months ago, had mysterious BV/yeast symptoms, then was tentatively diagnosed with herpes, THEN found out I was negative, all the while still experiencing pain and irritation. Fast forward to about three days ago, and I finally made it to the gynecologist! Now, SHE said that, since I didn't respond at all to the herpes medication, and that when I was diagnosed there was only a small little lesion as opposed to something more severe/painful, she seriously doubts that I have herpes. She thinks that I somehow irritated my vaginal opening, perhaps through a cut, or harsh soaps (and I will admit, I have been known to use dr. bronners up there, which I now realize is probably not the best idea), and that probably all the medication I took (metronidazole, acyclovir, etc.) didn't help any kind of healing process that may have taken place naturally. So, she prescribed me estrogen cream to try and "pump up" my vaginal tissues, and that hopefully should take care of any pain. 

Now once again, I have to be honest. There is a part of me that is worried about this. No definitive diagnosis, and I still have pain...Has anyone used estrogen cream? I was reading up on it and it seems like most of the time it is prescribed to menopausal women. I mean, I guess my vagina has been through a lot, but it just seems a bit strange to me. I still plan to get a full sti screening with my boyfriend of course, and I will request the blood type specific herpes test (though again, the gynecologist seemed to seriously doubt any possibilities of herpes). I know perhaps I seem a bit neurotic, but I am just worried. I really hope I don't have some kind of chronic, vague vaginal pain for the rest of my life, something like vulvodynia. I am trying to be better about not doing the internet self diagnosis stuff, because that just feeds into my hypochondria, but it's hard with all of the crap that's gone on :/. 

Anywho, as always words of wisdom, reassurances are most welcome. You guys have all been a big help. 
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