PaperDollyBurnd (paperdollyburnd) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mild Dysplasia

So, I just went to the mailbox and opened that lovely little letter from the gynecologist following a pap. Obviously, as the subject reads, I've been diagnosed with Mild Dysplasia.

Unfortunately, she didn't offer much info about this other than the fact that I'll need to go for a colposcopy once I start my period. Is it 100% linked to HPV? I have had three pregnancies. One a natural mc, one a d&c, and one a live birth 2 1/2 years ago. What are the chances it could have been from the number of deliveries I've had? What are the chances of it being from some other infection like BV? Would that have turned up on the pap?

Any other useful information for someone who is FREAKING OUT like me?

Edited for Additional Questions:
So, the next step is a colposcopy which actually diagnosis Dysplasia. Then what?
Do I need to wait for the official diagnosis to ask for an HPV screening or do I need to do it then?
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