whatwhat09 (whatwhat09) wrote in vaginapagina,


On Monday of this week I boiled my menstrual cup and inserted it in hopes to catch my period before it started.  About 5 hours later I was feeling uncomfortable down there so I decided to remove it and see what was going on.  There was some thick white discharge, it seemed pretty smooth looking.  It also didn't seem to smell.  No period yet.

Over the next day I decided to not put my cup back in and had some yellowish discharge and mild discomfort.  I'm not positive how to describe the discomfort, it didn't quite itch or burn, but it just wasn't feeling normal down there, nothing that was unbearable.  Is this an infection?  I got my period today and it is feeling a little bit better.  If it is BV or a YI can I treat it while on my period with at home remedies?
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