amykinss (amykinss) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bright Red Blood?

Hello everybody. :) I have a question and google hasn't helped me... I'm on hormonal birth control and my boyfriend and I don't use condoms. Today we had sex, and I guess you could say it got a little rough towards the end. He came inside of me and pulled out a little bit after, and his semen was bright red when I caught it in my hands. But it was only in his cum, none was smeared around my vulva or vaginal opening. When I peed, only a tiny bit was on the toilet paper and none was in the toilet. I've bled during sex before, and his cum mixed with my blood was never that vibrant or in that amount. Now what I'm wondering is it me or is it from him? Could he have had blood in his ejaculate? Or what could have made me bleed? Thanks in advance, I'm a little worried. :/
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