artandwords (artandwords) wrote in vaginapagina,

Constant period

Before I used to have my period only every other month or every other two months. I think this was because i'm overweight. Well recently i've gone vegan (6 weeks ago) and though i love it, now my period is constant. I don't mean endless flowing I mean that its actually there every day. I know its bad because i'm newly vegan i don't really know what sorts of things to make so i buy readymade vegan foods and i don't get as much iron as i did when I was eating meat and all that crap. Could low iron be a cause of this? My foods i eat are wheat bread, potatoes, tomatoes, avocados, tofurkey lunch meat, and vegan cheese. Thats about all i can afford with $40 a week.  I have lost 19 pounds (2 more pounds today so it adds up to 19) in 6 weeks from the time I started being vegan, though 8 pounds was water weight. Could the weight loss also be the problem to my period?
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