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Long term discharge question

Hello. Long time listener, first time caller.  I have a problem i have been dealing with for a long time but because of no insurance and no free/low cost gyn services in my area the ER is my only option.  In Oct 2006 I had a child via c-section.  In Dec 2006 I had a Mirena IUD inserted. I had some side effects of the IUD but they were minor ones like weight gain and a small amount of hair growth. 

Starting about  spring 2009 I started having a discharge.  It is white and clumpy like a yeast infection but I have never had the itching or discomfort.  I have tried yeast infection treatments of all durations and it may help for about a week and then it comes right back.  The past 3 months or so the discharge is still white in my vagina but the discharge has increased to the point where I need to wear a pad or liner all the time.  On the liner it is more of a brown color like old blood but I havent noticed this while its still in my vagina.  Because of the IUD I havent had a period for about 3 years but about once a year I do have a little spotting but the brown on my liners has been constant. 

Normally I dont notice the discharge coming out but there are sometimes, about once every two weeks or so it feels like I have a lot coming out as if I was gettin wet from being turned on but im not in a sexual mood. 

It has a strong smell to it.  I feel it smells almost urine like but my husband says I smell musky. It is to the point I feel constantly dirty even after a shower and I have no desire for sex.  

Like I said I have tried yeast infection medicine and that didnt help it. I am not diabetic because my daughter is type 1 diabetic and I check my blood sugar every so ofter and im fine  and carbs are strictly regulated in my household. I wash with water and dry the area and have even tried wearing no panties and baggy pants to increase air circulation in the area and it doesnt help. 

I dont have itching like with a yeast infection but every month or so I will get PMS type pains that last for anywhere from 30 seconds to a few hours. Every time I try to sleep I get pain in my lower back but I have fibromyalgia (DX in 2001) and a sore spot in my spine from a botched epidural from the last pregnancy.  I cannot say the pain is from those or if it is coming from my kidney type area.

Ive had my IUD for 4 years now and it is suppose to be taken out in Dec 2011 though I would love to find a dr to rip it out now. I have checked the strings and it is still up in there good and isnt poking through my cervix.

Im asking you all because I'm at my wits end.  I dont know what is going on and if it is something minor going to the ER would result in nothing but a big bill.  I live in a small county (pop about 25,000) that has been hit hard by the economy so it is extremely hard to find a free clinic that is taking new people.  The larger counties around me are only taking local patients.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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