Malin Elisabeth (malinelisabeth) wrote in vaginapagina,
Malin Elisabeth

does synthroid cause a decrease in effectiveness of hbc?

 hello there-

about 8 months ago i went to my gynecologist to talk about getting birth control.  she prescribed me ortho tri-cyclen lo, which i filled, but did not start taking.  

a few months after that it was determined (by another dr) that i had hypothyroidism and i began treatment with the drug synthroid.  i've been on synthroid now for almost 6 months.  for the past two months, i have started taking the ortho tri-cyclen lo i was previously prescribed because i am now at a point in my relationship where i want to start having sex without a condom.  

i actually just saw my doctor, and it slipped my mind to ask him, but i was wondering...  is the effectiveness of the birth control lowered because of synthroid?  i take my synthroid in the morning when i wake up.  i don't take the birth control until later that evening.  from my internet research, it seems the birth control might affect the synthroid, but not vice versa.  is this correct?  if this is the case, it is fine, because the next time i get my levels checked, my dr can adjust my medicine accordingly.  but i want to make sure i am protected from pregnancy.

also, i asked my doctor if there were any supplements i could take that would help my metabolism and thryoid function.  he said that i could try taking selenium and chromium picolinate in addition to my synthroid.  i wanted to make sure these supplements would not affect my birth control as well.  

i don't want to have unprotected sex with my partner until i am sure that the medications won't cause the birth control to be less effective.  thanks so much, sorry if this is not the place for this question. 
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