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Longer cycle (time between) periods with Paragard, esp post insertion?

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I got my Paragard inserted during the time of my last menstrual period, the first week of december. Prior to that, my cycles have been around 30 days, and I've never been on HBC except using Plan B once this past October.

July period -September period 58 Day Cycle <-- I'm guessing maybe I skipped here, because that seems absurdly long
September period - October period 26 Day Cycle
October period -November period 28 Day Cycle
November period - December period- 32 Day Cycle

December- January---> according to my monthly cycles I'm on Day 41 (8 days late)

I tracked my cycle and I pretty sure I ovulated around December 17th, however as of today I still haven't had my period. However since yesterday I've felt a little more crampy, and other PMS things like tender breasts. I check my strings every week and they're basically the same length so I should still be protected. Haven't taken a pregnancy test yet just because I,m pretty sure I should be fine since the stats for pregnancy on the Paragard are so low!

I'm just confused why it hasn't come yet? Maybe I predicted my ov. date wrong and it actually happend later, because I know your luteal phase isn't supposed to change by very much. Should I take a pregnancy test just in case? I have a Dr's appointment on the 24th. Would it be bad to wait that long. Would it be safe to guess that these weird PMSy feelings mean my period is coming?

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