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Yeast infection again?

So back around Christmas I had a yeast infection.
I didn't know it was one at first(I'd never had one before). I had no discharge but it was itchy and a bit sore but I figured it was because I'd been masturbating a lot and my toy isn't exactly tiny. Christmas eve it was fairly sore but I still, um, went at it with my slightly larger toy and on Christmas day I was quite sore and very itchy.

I still chalked it up to the large toys and friction, especially since I had no discharge.
Boxing Day I was kind of convinced it was a yeast infection but there was no discharge so I continued to leave it. I found a little bit of discharge on the morning of the 27th(my birthday.. happy birthday to me) and decided to head to Shoppers and picked up some monistat. THEN I got my period and I read that your period is supposed to balance the pH in your vagina and all that jazz. The box also said to use the monistat even if you're on your period.. so I did! I waited the week that my period lasts and I felt better(which would've been about Monday of this week).

I also replaced my toy for one the same size but made of silicone instead of jelly(because I read about the cleanliness of toys and stuff). So I used it on Wednesday night and then again on Thursday night for a while and Thursday during I noticed I was a bit dry(but I used a good "sensitive skin" water based lube) and slightly sore but I figured it was nothing really. Friday morning I was itchy and sore and it felt like the beginning of the last yeast infection(still does). I've been checking for cottage cheesy discharge or a difference in smell but there's been none. Just itch around the opening and some soreness.

Could this be from all the use of the biggish toy? Orrr do we think my yeastie might be back.
I really, really hate being out of commission like this :(
ALSO very unlikely that it's an STI because I'm a virgin and the only guy who's gone down there in the past while(a little under a month ago) is as well and doesn't exactly get around soo. D:?


EDIT: Cottage cheese showed up. :( It's a yeast infection, I'm treating it with a clove of garlic as I type.
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