kk (shiningbanana) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast infection, boyfriend and clothes?

Yesterday, a few hours after we had sex, my boyfriend noticed itching on his penis, although he's fine today.  This evening, I noticed itching that I'm guessing is a yeast infection (I've only had one before, about a month ago, and I never have the characteristic cottage cheese discharge etc, just itching and rawness). 
1. Is it likely that he has it as well, and should I make him use Monostat or whatever to treat it also? 
2. Should I wash the sheets/pair of pants I was wearing without underwear/etc, worrying that they could possibly give the infection back to me or to my boyfriend, or is this not a problem?
3. I've seen the images for oral thrush and they're not pretty.  If I went down on him for a few minutes today, is it likely that I'm going to get that?  I think I read somewhere that it's unlikely to get oral thrush from a yeast infection, but not sure. 

Thanks so much!

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