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I have no idea if this is completely relevant, but my breasts hurt all the time and have hurt for as long as I can remember.. But now it really something seems like it is not all good in the hood. My period might play a role in it, so I figured it would be ok to post here.

My boobs have always hurt, to the point where sometimes they couldn't be touched by ANYTHING. Thats rare, but they still always seem to just.. Hurt. Now I'm developing rashes. About two weeks ago I had a deep purple rash on my left breast and the skin around it started to peel. It didn't hurt any worse than my boobs normally do and it eventually faded.. But today I noticed it didn't just go away, but it seems to have taken up a larger area around the side and its still a very faint purple. Today I also noticed on my right breast under my nipple (well it starts at the bottom of my areola) that I have a red rash that is raised, and it hurts. I've also always felt that my breast texture wasn't 'right' and that inside it felt.. odd. I've gotten the pleasure to feel up some other peoples boobies(with permission, of course!) and they don't exactly feel like mine. Those little bumps around my areolas have also secreted some.. Red stuff before too, but I am not sure if thats acne related. I know those bumps sometimes just have this white stuff in them but when I get red(which is very rare) it does freak me out.

My periods are also pretty irregular which might be related to pain? Sometimes I'll have two a month almost back to back(usually lasting from 7-12 days) and sometimes I'll just skip it completely like I feel I'm doing now. I know that doesn't sound healthy at all.. But I have crippling anxiety and I know I'll bug out seeing a gyno. I'm still more interested in figuring out wtf is wrong with my boobs. I don't want to jump to "OMGCANCER" but I think its possible. Its in my family and I've started having periods when I was like 9 years old and I'm pretty sure I had boobs then too. I don't think the pain on my breasts is entirely bra or weight related either. I'm sure it didn't help when I was younger and had no idea how to get a proper bra and I was on the heavier side but I've slimmed down considerably and my bras fit better.

I'd like to see a doctor but my current one is an ass, and when I did call up a boob-specific doctor they got fed up with me and eventually told me to "call back when you have an answer." when I couldn't tell them the specific area of my breast that hurt, because the entire goddamn thing did.

I mean.. I'm still going to try and see a doctor. But what should I expect? Can I just choose to lop them off? I was really never fond of them to begin with. I'm 100% serious about that option too, and I have been mulling it around for quite a few years.

(edited to say that i am nineteen)
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