cranberrykatten (cranberrykatten) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnancy risk?

Um, hi everyone. I'm freaking out a lot right now and need some help/answers from knowledgeable people...

So, the boyfriend and I were making out earlier today. Both of us were fully clothed. So, we ended up rubbing against each other, with our genitals touching through our pants. There was no skin-to-skin contact, just clothing-to-clothing. Anyways, he came, and when I moved away I saw that the front of his jeans was all damp - the same part that I'd been rubbing my vulva against. I was also wearing jeans. Am I at any risk for pregnancy here? I remember in sex ed in high school they said you could get pregnant that way, because the holes in the weave of your clothing are big enough to let sperm through, but then I thought I'd read that you couldn't get pregnant doing that, and I really need some advice. I can't sleep.


EDIT: Thank you so so so so so so much, everyone - your answers were really helpful and informative. I feel a lot more at ease (and a lot better-informed!) now. Thank you!
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