popsicle84 (popsicle84) wrote in vaginapagina,

super dark brown/almost black period?!

Hi everyone,

I have some concerns about the color of my period blood, if it is even that.
I'll start with the fact that I have been really stressed for the last 3 weeks and my panic attacks have come back so I am getting back on medication for that. I am also taking anti nausea medication because I think my anxiety has been making me throw up. I am also on birth control. I was on Cryselle for about 10 months but was getting headaches 2-4 times a week so I finally switched to Loestrin24Fe. I got my period last Tuesday like expected (lasted 4 days and was mostly brown but occasionally red). Then I started the new birth control this past Sunday but got another period Monday. It isn't spotting but it isn't really heavy and it doesn't even look like blood. It's SUPER dark brown and is still continuing and today is Wednesday. This has never happened to me before and I know I'm not pregnant because I was just tested at the Dr's last week.
A) is it normal to get periods within 1 week of eachother when switching birth controls?
B) if it is normal, is it normal for it to be this dark brown the whole entire time? Also it doesn't really have an odor at all.

Should I be really concerned?

ahh this is kinda weird/scary :/

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