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Roughness on Cervix? Implantation?

Hi everyone.

So I am currently TTC and have been paying a lot of attention to my cervix and cervical fluid. A few days ago (right around the time I suspected ovulation) my cervix felt high and open and around the opening I felt a bit of...roughness?

Any idea what this might be?

I have previously been pregnant (2 years ago), and fully dilated at birth but ended up with a c-section, could it be from the dilation of the cervix?

What I'm feeling feels a little like this (NSFW) cervix looks : www.beautifulcervix.com/cervix-photo-galleries/during-pregnancy-ectropian-cervix/6-weeks-postpartum/  (though this woman is 6 weeks pp)

To a much lesser extent, and just on the inside of the opening.

Currently, I'm what I believe to be between 5 -7 DPO and my cervix feels lower, softer but still somewhat open.  So with the roughness and open cervix should I be concerned? 

I'm also having a bit of cramping, both sides of my lower abdomen, just quick sharp pains (not very intense) that sometime radiate into my upper thighs as a dull pain.  I feel like it's too early to take a pregnancy test--- could this be implantation?  

I don't remember any of this with my last pregnancy, I think I'm being overly in tune with my body.

I will be seeing my midwife not to far from now so I will ask her, but I would like either my mind to be eased or a fire under my ass to go see a doctor.

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