littlemonster5 (littlemonster5) wrote in vaginapagina,

HPV and cervicitis?

I went to my doctor for the results of my colposcopy and he found that the results of my colposcopy came back as cervicitis, but I do have HPV. I had an abnormal pap late September and then another abnormal follow-up pap at the beginning of November. Is cervicitis a result of HPV? My GYN said that it was "good news" for me but I did some research after I left and saw that it could be a result of HPV or HSV (which I tested negative for), or a BV/yeast infection...which I was diagnosed with a few days before my colposcopy. I'm a little confused about the whole cervicitis thing. Should I be worried? For some reason I keep thinking it's from something that I already tested negative for, herpes, but I feel like this is an irrational thought considering I did test negative for it at 4 months...even though the HPV seems like a more logical conclusion (or even the BV and yeast).

Any help? Thanks.
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