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Pregnancy + Ovulation

Ok I started my period on Dec 23rd on the 28th of Dec I had sex, I am not of Birth control went off of BC around the first party of Dec! On the 30th of Dec I bought some first response ovulation test's took one every day up until today, from the 30th of Dec to Jan 4th and they have said I am not ovulating? Why would this be? Shouldn't I be doing that at this time? The ovulation calculator online says that I would be ovulating from Jan 1st till the 8th and its still showing up on the test that I am not. Could those be wrong or could I already be pregnant, we have been having sex every other day since I have been off BC we want a baby. And I have been laying on a pillow with feet up every time. Dose anyone has any advice on this, I took a HPT last night, and It showed up negative. And the birth control that I was taking before I went off of it, was Loestrin 24 fe and I was on it for three years, dont know if that matters but I thought I would throw that in there! Thanks! 
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