Jen (jennifer0246) wrote in vaginapagina,

STI Testing in the News

Halllooo vagpag-ers (vagpag-ites? veep-ons? vag fans?)!

Was just reading a really interesting article from the Washington Post (linkeroo to the article here!) on the topic of STI testing. A recent study indicates that 10% of people who tested positive for chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trich reported that they were hadn't been sexually active for a year.

Thus starts the conversation: do you support STI testing for all? Should it be done as part of a gynecologic-type exam, a physical-type exam? How often do you think people should be screened, and what conversation should take place regarding the screening? What testing should be done (swabs for bacterial infections, blood testing for things like HIV)? Should all teenagers, for example, be screened as a matter of course, even if they report that they're not sexually active?

For more information on STI screening, visit the awesome resource that is ASHA's STI Testing page, or Planned Parenthood's STI information page.

And if you're a FB junkie like yours truly, hop on over to vaginapagina's facebook page and comment on our post regarding this same topic.
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