thinktink16 (thinktink16) wrote in vaginapagina,

How often to get tested

I recently ended an extremely long term relationship with my first sexual partner. In the middle, we took a break, in which I had sex with somebody else and we used a condom. I got tested as soon as boyfriend #1 was back on and was negative for everything. Now that boyfriend #1 is gone, there have been two sexual partners since, all condoms all the time, and I'm just starting to wonder how often I should get tested for STDs. I see my gyno every 6 months for BC checks but I think that's a bit often to get tested. Because of said condom use, I'm not too concerned about it, but I figure it's the responsible thing to do :-)

So, for all you female bodied, sexually-active-with-multiple-partners-on-a-fairly-regular-basis people out there, how often to YOU get the full run of tests done?
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