neek_love (neek_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

A few herpes related Qs

Hey folks :)

SO. Herpes have always kind of confused of me, in terms of when it is and isn't transmissible, oral to genital and vice versa etc. My S.O and I were getting frisky last night and he said he didn't want to go down on me because what he thought was a pimple developing near his mouth was actually a cold sore. I agreed that was a jolly good idea! So we made out, I went down on him and sexy times ensued. NOW, when the post-coital haze wore off I began to wonder; could me kissing him, then going down on him transmit the virus from his mouth to his genitals? Similarly I noticed he used his saliva to lube me, could THAT transmit it? We talked about it and it seems like, since either of us could be 'shedding' without a noticeable outbreak at any given time, the only way to ensure we didn't transfer the virus was to wear full body condoms or never touch each other, haha! So we decided that since either or both of us could be exposing the other to it at any time that we'd just stop stressing. No oral during cold sore times obviously, but not worrying every time we touch!
Is my understanding of this correct, or are just being reckless?
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