in_thegreenroom (in_thegreenroom) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late period and spotting, pregnancy unlikely

Hey VP-ers!

I've got a question about some weird spotting. I last had my period sometime around Halloween. I have PCOS (but I'm not taking anything for it, including HBC), so irregular periods are par for the course for me, and I haven't really worried too much about it. A few days ago, however, I started some light brown spotting. This usually indicates that my period is on its way, so I was relieved to see it. However, I haven't stopped spotting since then. It varies from very light to nonexistent throughout the course of the day, with a few small clots distributed throughout. What could possibly be going on?

I am due for my annual exam this month, but I'm heading out of town next week to get married, and I can't get an appointment before then. My results last year were normal.

Speaking of getting married, I was wondering if maybe I can write this whole thing off to stress. My wedding is on the 22nd, and in February my husband and I are moving across the country. I don't *feel* stressed out, but I think sometimes it can affect you without you really knowing.

Pregnancy is also quite unlikely. My fiance had a vasectomy several years ago and we are monogamous.

One more question: I've read a lot about parsley tea on here and elsewhere. Would it be worth it for me to try it out at this point?

So. Spotting, stress, parsley. Sorry for the long-winded question. Thanks in advance for help!
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