purplebrick (purplebrick) wrote in vaginapagina,

I need advice...

Sorry if this doesn't quite fit into this community - but I know I'll probably get some good advice here.
It's about my boyfriend...and a possible weird porn habit...

So I will have been with my boyfriend for one year this Wednesday. We got together very shortly after he'd been in a previous year and a half long relationship. Since he broke it off with her, they have had absolutely zero communication.

I'd say around four months into our relationship...I broke the trust barrier you could say, because I decided to check out his internet history to see how much porn he was watching. Well, I found some instances, like you would with almost any average guy, but I also found something else.
Right after he'd looked at porn (and finished up, judging by the time of the browsing history), he had creeped his ex-girlfriends Facebook.

I thought this was a pretty weird coincidence, and I got pretty upset, and confronted him. I apologized for looking at his browsing history, and he understood, and reassured me that he didn't have feelings for her anymore, and if there was anyone he wanted to be having sex with, it was me.
So I dropped it there, and never revisited his history again. Until two days ago, after I'd been away for 10 days. I feel awful, but I wanted to know what he'd been looking at after being alone for more than a week for the first time since we've been together.
Well...once again I found that he looked at porn....finished up...and came back a few minutes later and creeped his ex's profile again.
Right after masterbating.

I love my boyfriend very much, and I don't want to risk having a huge fight over this...but it is REALLY bothering me. I wouldn't have a problem if he visited her profile like...during the day...but not late at night right after he's finished jerking off.
What should I do? 
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