thinkinglilah (thinkinglilah) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cervical Polyp

Hello Everyone,

This is my first entry ever, but I come on bended knees for some support, personal stories and reassurance.

A little background, I'm 24 , mother of a 2 year old and have always had normal pap smears.

Thursday I went in for a physical and pap, when she inserts the speculum and looks in she goes" whoa you have a big polyp on your cervix",she says its the size of a extra large grape, she goes out brings in a polyp forceps and attempts to twist/tug it out, she is unable and goes and gets another Dr to try, he comes in also tries but nothing, neither of them is able to get it out. She says she will have to refer to an OB/GYN to check it out and have it removed. I asked the basics about what polyps are and why they occur but was given handouts the really left me feeling unknowledgable and scared that it could be something more than just a polyp.

I would appreciate an reassurances or personal stories. :)
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