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HBC frustration

This is my first time posting here, so please be gentle :)

Six months ago I started taking HBC for the first time.  For the first five months I was taking Ortho Tri Cyclen lo and it was a total nightmare!  I never once had a "shorter, lighter, less painful" period.  In fact, it was heavier and longer than it ever had been before I started birth control, and completely unpredictable, the last straw for me was when I had a 14 day period that started on the second day of the third week.  I went back to the doctor and she gave me an Rx for Loestrin24 Fe, which I am on my first month of right now, and lo and behold, my period started with five days to go before the placebo pills and is heavy and cramp-filled.  This time though, with the prospect of a nine day period coming my way, I decided to skip the five remaining active pills and go straight to the four inactive ones (my boyfriend and I are aware that we'll need to use condoms because of this decision, but I was desperate). I'm at my wits end with this and my doctor (at this point I have been seeing my GP for all things vagina related) told me that if this switch didn't help my problem I would have to head to the gyno.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever had this kind of problem with HBC, and more importantly if you found a pill that worked for you... Before starting birth control, my period was completely normal, it was four of five days long, light to moderate flow with one day of cramps, and now it's a total disaster. :(

Thanks in advance  
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