anonymouseee (anonymouseee) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pain with tampons?!

 I've been having painful sex since around May (the same time I started having hemorrhoids) and have been tested and treated for (even when negative) BV and yeast. My most recent visit showed negative results for BV and yeast and also STIs. I have somewhat normal discharge, but sometimes a speck of green shows up, and that led me to believe it was BV but nope, the test indicated I was fine.

I'm on 3 month cycles of birth control, and just reached my withdrawal week. I've noticed that when I use a tampon, the opening of my vagina feels dry and almost slightly painful with the tampon in. Dry is the best word I can use to describe it. The tampon is a super but it is never dry and usually changed every hour and a half. I have noooo idea what this feeling is and whether or not there could be an issue outside of hemorrhoids. 

So, has anyone else experienced pain with that dry tampon feeling? Or pain with sex from hemorrhoids? I need some help. Thanks everyone.
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