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Strange cycle.

I'm on day 17 of my cycle. I seem to always ovulate on day 14. This month, I've had some clear "fertile"-looking mucus days 11-13 but it wasn't as abundant as usual and stopped earlier than usual by several days. Today, I have cramps and back pain as though my period were coming, and I can smell blood when in the bathroom (period smell). I'm not terribly concerned about pregnancy. My last period was regular (started December 14). I've had sex twice since then, on the 19th and 21st. I am not on hormonal birth control, but we used condoms before any contact with no mishaps. I have been extraordinarily stressed out since right after my period ended. I am usually a very low-stress person. I also had no appetite whatsoever the week after my period ended and ate very little (unusual since I usually have a healthy appetite) and I'm thin to begin with (5'6" and 105 pounds).

Maybe my body tried to ovulate - or prepared to ovulate - but failed... does this seem possible?
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