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PCOS cysts "bursting": fact of fiction?

So I now have a tentative diagnosis of PCOS. Long story short, I am HWP, but have never had regular menses. Since going off HBC, I had an increase in acne and body hair, a big increase in sex drive (huzzah for that at least) and have been bleeding almost continuously. When they took a transvaginal ultrasound, they found multiple small cysts on both of my ovaries, but my left ovary is far worse - it is basically enlarged (as deep as it is long) and filled with PCOS cysts. They also checked the position of my Paragard IUD, which is fine, and found that my endometrium looked happy as a clam. (it should be, with all the shedding its been doing!) 

Now it is my understanding that PCOS "cysts" are basically small, immature ovarian follicles. That being said, can they actually "burst"? If so, what does that mean? I'm asking because I've had very few cramps with my continous bleeding, but the ones I have had are INTENSE (7/10 pain), sharp/stabbing, and very localized over my left ovary. Sometimes the pain seems to go directly through my abdomen from front to back (ie: I have pinpoint pain on a line that starts 6" diagonally down from my belly button and ends at a spot on my low back). These episodes start without warning (no normal "aches and pains" from my uterus) and last anywhere from 1 - 4hrs. Ibuprofen doesn't have much effect, heat and lying still seem to help more than anything. 

I'm just curious because my previous experiences with menstrual cramps were that they took a day or two to "warm up" before my period would start (when I would get it) and that they were more diffuse/spread out. They also responded well to ibuprofen and some light exercise/sex. When I get these cramps now sex and exercise are the last things I think of.

Any thoughts? 
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