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Some questions about acyclovir! and a couple other things

 Hey everybody, me again :). 

First, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded to me and my last two posts. You guys have been very supportive, and have provided excellent resources for me to peruse! *For the record, my posts were about a mysterious BV/Yeast infection type deal, and then about a possible herpes diagnosis*

So! With all that in mind, I have a couple more questions! As I mentioned in my last post, after going to the doctors in my home state, I received a tentative diagnosis of herpes and a weeks prescription for acyclovir. I am almost finished with the acyclovir, and have read up on the side affects, but am experiencing something that I haven't encountered so far on any side affects lists and was just wondering if anyone had experienced this/knew of this occurring. Essentially the outside of my vulva is very sensitive to the touch, and if I press down on it even slightly there is a burning sensation. It's nothing heinous, just kind of annoying, especially since my sex life has kind of been on hiatus for almost two months, due to all these vaginal problems I have been having. We (bf and I) try to do other stuff that isn't so uncomfortable, but really, I'm getting annoyed and want to have piv sex!! :p I have an appointment with a real, live gynecologist on the tenth of January (I was put on a waiting list, sigh) to get a pap smear and talk about some of my issues more in depth with a specialist, so I just thought I would ask you all in the meantime. 

Also, one more question. I received the formal test results back regarding the herpes diagnosis, and they said I was "normal." I thought that was weird and asked the nurse what that meant (I was expecting a "positive" or "negative") and she said she had no idea, which seemed even weirder. The internetz tell me that normal means negative, but that many folks who get tested based on a physical exam/lab work get false negatives, depending on where they are in their outbreak. I would like to get a type specific blood test done, but I don't know how accurate that would be, seeing as how I'm not sure when I would have been exposed to the herpes virus. So, once again I feel in a bit of a limbo. I'm almost done with the acyclovir, so I figure I might as well finish it. I am however uncomfortable with taking a medication that, once again, I might not have even needed. I have to say, strange as it may sound, I almost wish that I do have herpes, because at least then I would know what the hell was going on, and would be taking the right medication. Thankfully I have gotten over the whole shock/stigma thing, party because of support from my boyfriend and friends, and partly because of you guys! :) I told my mother that the test was negative and her response was "yay, you don't have cooties!" *rolls eyes* If it turns out I am in fact positive, I'm just going to continue to let her live in fantasy land, because it ain't any of her damn business, and never was to begin with. 

Lastly, and sorry for writing such a novel, but do you guys have any ideas for soothing irritated vulvas?? (see first paragraph). I tried taking an oatmeal bath, but it didn't seem to do anything :(. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!!!

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