C:\\World\Crap\Kristina.exe (opaloctober) wrote in vaginapagina,

Thought this was a bit funny, if not odd...

I was reading my friends' entries here on LJ, and ran across this in the too_much_info comm...

"I went to my OBGYN today. As I was sitting with my legs in foot pedals with her poking around down there she said very blunt to me
"You've pretty." I lift my head up from the pillow creeped out and confused "I am sorry." She look at me with childlike naive "You have a textbook example vagina, it's pretty.""

I know it's a pretty strange thing for a gyno to say, but honestly, if it were me who was told that, I would be a little squicked out, but after that, I would be honored. I've always been self-concious about my genitals, and to hear that-from anyone-would be pretty awesome. It would make me feel better.
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