Follow and feel (pandapples271) wrote in vaginapagina,
Follow and feel

Extremely Late Period [Not an Am-I-Pregnant post]

So before everyone asks why I haven't seen a doctor earlier, I hate going to the doctors unless it's something bad enough to go to the ER :(

So my last period was July 31, 2010. I'm on CD 151 when I average from 35-45 days. My longest cycle before this one was 85 days.

I believe I had sex [with condoms] throughout August and then sporadically for the rest of the year. I had 2-3 days of just dark gooey brown spotting in November and earlier this month. It was only on the toilet paper and not on any pantyliners. This is unusual for me because when I spot dark brown, my period usually comes the day after.

I've had lower backaches, weight gain, super-emotional,  the my-period's-going-to-start-any-day-now cramps and nausea over the last couple months. Right now my left boob is killing me which is unusual for me and a pretty new symptom.

I have done a million hpts and they're all negative. I did have a little freak out because I accidentally peed on an ovulation stick and a line showed up haha.

So I've pretty much been patiently waiting for my period to start again. I'm not stressed out or anything and for the most part I really don't believe I'm pregnant. Except for when I watch I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant and when I try to analyze my belly grumblings.

so all I'm really wondering is if other people have been through situations like this? and what could it possibly be?

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