Girl Least Likely To (franticalities) wrote in vaginapagina,
Girl Least Likely To

breast reduction swelling

Hi all,
xposted this to the breast reduction community.

I am 18 days post- breast reduction. I went from a 30G to a 30DD ( i know you're not supposed to get fitted right away, but i needed to buy some wireless bras, and that is the size i was fitted as). Anyway, before the surgery, my surgeon told me I would be a full C or small D, so I'm kind of bummed about the DD. It isn't that I'm hung up on the letter/ number, either, but more that I feel I still look big. However, everyone is telling me that I'm still swollen. Am I? I don't think i LOOK swollen, and I don't see any bruising. I am hella itchy, and had the lollipop scar style reduction.

Is it a given that you boobs get smaller over time, or is it likely that the size i have now will be the size i am in a few months? How do I know if I'm swollen???

Thanks :)
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