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Rescheduling period with BC?

Hi, I apologize if this question has come up before but I couldn't find it by searching...
I am 22 and normally have very regular periods - 28-29 days like clockwork. This month, though, it came about a week and a half early. This has me worried because in almost exactly a month from when it arrived I am running a marathon. Now, I know I should have considered this earlier (maybe, say, 6 months ago when I began training for the race), but I would very much prefer not to have my period on that day (so messy, distracting, and inconvenient). I've read that it's possible to reschedule your period using birth control pills. So, three questions:

1. Is there still time for this method to work for me? I have never taken BCP before, and the marathon is one month away.
2. Do I have to have a gyn exam to get a BCP prescription? Squeamishness about that is what has kept me from looking into it in the past...I know it's dumb and I will have to do it eventually, but I'm just really shy and not quite ready for that.
3. Anyone out there who has run a marathon while menstruating before have tips on how to deal with it? Tampons alone never work for me--even if it's light flow there's still leakage, and liners can chafe and just get nasty when you are running for that long. Actually, everything gets nasty when you are running for that long, but I feel like I have the least control over this.

Thank you!
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