Splott (splott) wrote in vaginapagina,

Allergies down there.

So, ever since I went off my daily allergy-meds, I've had itching and redness...been to the Dr and got checked out, the chemistry is fine, but something is irritating the skin down there.  I don't use any of the known issues for women, no douches, scented sprays, soaps or anything...have cut out fabric softener on the panties, debating cutting out detergent too and just washing with borax and/or baking soda.  

I'm not really sexually active, so it's not condoms or partner's semen or anything like that...and since i've been itchy, I haven't even been using toys against the skin, only over panties.

Those of you with known allergies that aggravate your girl-parts, what are you allergic to?  Anyone irritated by the chlorine in city-water or anything like that?
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