piranhasifought (piranhasifought) wrote in vaginapagina,

loestrin, missing pills, weird periods

 i feel like i post here every other day...

anyways. i missed my first pill of the pack...which was last sunday.
now, i'm looking at my pack, and somehow, i missed another pill somewhere.
i'm not sure when. maybe xmas eve? idn. 

am i protected against pregnancy? 

also- my periods are really weird on loestrin. i know they're supposed to be lighter, and my gyno said i may not get them at all..but what happens to me is for 1-2 days i get this thick, weird, brownish...stuff. i don't even need to wear a tampon though. i'll use maybe one the entire length of my "period." but when i have sex, this weird stuff ends up on my significant other. there's not much of it...but it's almost like a thick weird discharge type thing. it's kinda gross..
is this normal? 
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