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OK so I had a period on Dec1st and I was off Birth Control had been off Loestrin 24 for a few weeks, then I went back on the Loestrin 24 a few weeks after that. On the 23rd I had another period or at least I think it was that, seem to be anyway, It lasted about 4days then now I am not bleeding at all I took a pregnancy test on the 22nd and it was negative, should I test again? I don't think I would be pregnant because I am assuming that was a period I had, the first day I had the bleeding I was cramping just a little and my breast was tender and sore for a while, as far as right now they are not sore, but weight gain I have had gained about 10lbs just in a few weeks. Everyone says I look pregnant, have had about five people in the last week ask me if I was.. Thanks in advance on any replies :)
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