idropjewels (idropjewels) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast Infection --> Sores?

Hi All,

I am somewhat panicking about some sores that I have recently discovered in my vagina. Here are the facts. Please help!

1) I got a yeast infection (maybe worst I've ever had) on Thursday/Friday.
2) On Sunday morning I retrieved a scrip I had for diflucan and took it immediately. I also got Monistat 3 (ovules) and applied the topical cream.
3) I noticed about 4 painful sores on my vulva. They looked a little bit like tiny canker sores.
4) Sunday night I inserted ovule.
5) Monday (today) I noticed 2 more sores. I have continued to apply topical cream, and refilled and took my scrip for another diflucan.
6) The itching and pain seems to have subsided (except that the pain is very bad when I pee and it gets on the sores). There is still a little bit of discharge, but it has slowed considerably. I am also taking garlic pills and I just got acidophilous (probiotics).

Has anyone ever had sores develop from a very bad yeast infection? I was at the OBGYN at the beginning of December, and she said that everything came back clean. I have no reason to believe that I have contracted anything since that time. I am not in the same city as my doctor because of the holidays, and she was out of the office today due to the storm.


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