damnedemily (damnedemily) wrote in vaginapagina,

let's talk about jumpstarting periods again!

I want to get my period started early to avoid having it at a time which would be inconvenient and I'm not on any kind of HBC.
I've read the past entries and informations about parsley tea and other herbals things, but I'm left with two questions
a) most of the sources I read assumed one was trying to start a late period. I'm trying to start mine early by maybe a week (but I'd be happy with any shift at all)... does this sound possible? Anyone done it? My periods are generally very regular and predictable, fyi.
b) Can I just eat the fresh or dried herb and have it be just as good as the tea? I'm at my parents' house right now and I don't really want to have awkward discussions with them about my period and why I want it now and not later when they run into me making it. Deliciousness is not really an issue, I'd be pretty content to sit down with a bag of dried herb and a spoon if that's what it takes. For that matter, will anything besides boiling affect the effectiveness? And if I do eat it, how much and how often?

Any more tips related to this would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks!!!!! Happy holidays!

edit: results!
I got around to buying some parsley on the 28th, and ate some and made a pessary that night. I found out later the amount I probably needed to eat was way more than I actually ate and nothing at all happened. The evening of the 29th I had the place to myself so I made some tea with a full bunch of parsley and simmered it on the stove for a long time without boiling. I drank about three cups of it and ate the parsley... weird I know, and almost certainly unnecessary. I kinda liked it though, so I thought why toss it? heh. Made another pessary. By morning I was totally having my period. It's probably not a full week early because I took my time actually getting the parsley but it's definitely early. I'm kind of impressed!
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