godsinstrument (godsinstrument) wrote in vaginapagina,

Disappearing period, though I know I'm not pregant...

Hi there everyone!

So, my period has never exactly been regular, but it was at least somewhat normal for a while, coming usually ever 3-5 weeks.  Then I went on HBC.  I was only on Nuvaring for 2 months, actually, but my period has never returned to normal since, and that was about a year and 3 months ago.  Given, I have been traveling a lot, in a bunch of very stressful situations, and around a lot of different groups of girls with varying hormones flying around.  The first half of the year, my 'period' would come somewhere between 2 and 6 weeks, although it was(possible TMI) short, brown, and very runny.  Then I went away and had no period for 11 weeks.  No sex, no pregnancy.  Then I had a 3 periods in a 4 weeks span, and then boom, no blood since late September.  That's been a while!  I just gave it over to stress and such, but now I'm at home and have been for 2 months, and I'm kind of expecting things to level out.   I've been taking parsley tea to try to induce it, 3 cups so far and no luck.  Still no sex, so I'm not concerned about being pregnant.

Any thoughts?
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