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hey VPers,

just hoping you guys can enlighten me a little. the past 2 days i've been spotting brown/pink blood with sometimes even a couple drops of fresh blood, and i have no idea what is going on because my whole life i have NEVER spotted between periods. never.

i last had my period from the 9th to the 15th of december and it was the usual heavy period, nothing unusual there. since my period the only 2 times i have had PIV sex was on the 20th & 23rd december, both times my bf finished in me with the condom on/used correctly/intact, and then i started spotting the night of 23rd up until now. (24th/25th dec)

it can't be implantation bleeding right? i wouldn't think it would be so soon after if pregnancy is a possibility at all. but the strange thing is that the sex wasn't particularly rough nor did my bf hit my cervix hard, he didn't scratch me or anything, and there is no pain when i wipe or i try to put a finger up in there to feel around.

any ideas guys?

and a merry xmas to all of you guys, hope you all are enjoying the holidays <3
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