Sarah (ridgelines) wrote in vaginapagina,

5 Month Period

You guys were great when I posted about rectal bleeding and cramping in here (I did go to the doctor and we were able to get everything straightened out with the bleeding.) So now, I am coming with another question because I am in the midst of finding a new gyno and the holidays are making this rough.

When I was younger, my periods were very light and short. I had my son, had the IUD and it was removed due to PID but I did not have a period on it. I got pregnant after my IUD was removed and after having my daughter in February 2010 I began taking Seasonique in hopes my period would be few and far between. I am not on month 5 of my period (which probably doesn't help my cramping at all) and it's heavy some days, then light, then will stop for a day then come back. When I mentioned this to the urgent care I went to they checked and Im not anemic and the lining of my uterus is fine, so this poses no health risk. But I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen on Seasonique and if it's possible if I switch if that will help. I would love the IUD again, but my doctor won't do that. I am curious about implanon, and other birth controls. Any personal recommendations?
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