flickersticked (flickersticked) wrote in vaginapagina,

pain during sex

Hi Everyone, I had a weird experience last night and I was hoping you all might be able to help me figure it out. I was having sex with my husband(which is a big deal, I have vulvodynia and it's not often that we can get things to work without pain). Everything was going fine until I got a really sharp pain in what felt like the area of my uterus/ovaries. I thought it was just the angle or position so we switched it around a few times but the pain kept getting worse. Finally it was unbearable and we had to stop, I went to the bathroom because my guy thought it might just be a gas bubble(romantic!). When I got to the bathroom I threw up instead. I spent the night on the bathroom floor because for some reason the pain didn't seem as bad there. This was crazy intense pain, like had me swearing off ever having babies if it was gonna hurt like that lol I also checked and I was running a low grade fever, I have been off and on for a few days now. This morning the pain is gone but it still really aches in that area. Any ideas?

In short, lower abdominal pain develops during sex, vomiting, low fever.

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