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SSRIs helping with shivering?

Hi! Not exactly vagina related, but I have a question that some of you may be able to help me with, and/or direct me to a place where I can ask more people!

I have been on SSRIs for about 6 months, and since it has been cold out here in New England I have noticed that I have been shivering much less from cold than I used to. I know that one way my anxiety manifests is through violent shaking, especially in my abdominal region. I don't think this is unique to me, or humans even (I work with dogs, and the small ones especially have this symptom). I have noticed that this has decreased, as has my anxiety in general.

I used to have a very...immediate and violent? reaction to the cold. If I even went from one part of a building to another, cooler part of a building I would start shivering VERY hard, and sometimes if it was very cold out (getting in the car early in the morning, etc), I would shiver so hard I would basically lose control of my limbs. Since I have been on SSRIs, this has stopped, completely. Now, I might shiver a little if I don't wear a coat out to the car in the morning and it's below 25 F out. I can go outside in a hoodie in 30 degree weather and be okay for a couple minutes, which is a HUGE change for me.

Just wondering if anyone else had noticed similar side effects, and I would love to know if you know of another forum for discussion that might be more appropriate for this question. =)
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