chipie (chipie) wrote in vaginapagina,

is this a yeast infection?


I had a Mirena IUD inserted 10 months ago, and since then I've had many many yeast infections.  (They started a few months in and I've had one almost every month since it started.)  I went to a clinic for the second one and they tested me and told me it was a yeast infection (I didn't know, I had never had one before).

I hadn't gone back to the clinic to test the ones I had after, but I happened to be at the clinic during this current yeast infection (for a painful intercourse problem that I don't think is related but who knows), so she tested me again for a yeast infection.  Oddly enough, I tested negative.  I also tested negative for bacterial vaginosis, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia.  I got a pap test too but I haven't gotten the results back.

The weird thing is that this has been the worst yeast infection yet, but also the hardest to get rid of.   I inserted acidophilus capsules for over a week without success (though it did lessen the yeast infection), when in the past it had taken less than a week to go away.

I will get to the clinic when I can, but that will only be in January.  In the mean time I'm going a bit crazy.  Could I have a yeast infection even if they didn't detect it?  What else could it be?  (I just had a thought: could the acidophilus capsules have confused the results?  The night before my appointment, I inserted one, and then figured it was a bit idea and took it out, but it had already partly melted.)  I want to try boric acid: would that be safe even if I don't know for sure it's a yeast infection?


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