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Hi all, again.
I am currently having some serious discomfort/pain. It's a burning/raw feeling right at my vaginal opening on the side towards my butt (I consider it the "bottom" of the opening.) it doesn't bother me unless I try to wipe after going to the bathroom or my underwear brushes against it. 

I had my withdrawal bleed last week, and was too busy/lazy to shave like I usually do. The bleeding stopped completely after a couple of days (it was literally like, three days long). Was gone for over 24 hours. Came back full force for a day (as in bright red blood that ruined my favorite pair of underwear. Woe!). After that it was gone again.

Now, I had PIV sex with my bf the day my withdrawal bleed ended. I had shaved earlier in the day, so there was no irritating stubble, but he did finger me without having cut his fingernails earlier. I didn't feel like he scratched me or anything, so I don't think it's the cause of my discomfort.

I thought it was just because I had pretty significant stubble that irritated the skin there along with pads and added moisture, but my bleeding stopped Friday night, and the pain was very very slight then. Now it's almost unbearable. It doesn't hurt when I pee, but when I pat myself down (wiping hurts too much) it's still really painful.


It's been almost two days now, and it's not getting better. I've been trying to keep everything dry, and used coconut oil to try and soothe it, but it's helping maybe very very mildly. There's no discharge or anything, just the feeling of raw skin.

Can anyone help me please?!?! Thank you in advance!!

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