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Plus size pubic grooming standards?

First time poster, but long time non-member lurker.

In the past year I've found that I thoroughly enjoy the way having a bare pussy feels, during regular running around type stuff and sexual activity. I've gotten that all sorted out, but when I decided that I wanted to have less to deal with on my mons, I realized that I had *no* idea about what would work aesthetically. I'm a big girl, so the styling choices that are available to smaller women don't make sense for me, kind of like wearing hipster pants. :) After a lot of consideration - mostly comfort, but I do like how that patch accentuates the curves - I know I'd like to keep a reasonable amount of hair, but I'm at a loss on how to trim/style it in a way that with look good as well as feel right. I have very pale skin and near black public hair, so it's a nice break in the landscape, so to speak, but while there's a good deal of it, it's not particularly dense. I'm at a loss.

My questions are thus: how do other women in my size/shape style that specific area, and, if you find it to be so, what looks do you find attractive on plus size women?

If you have examples on Tumblr or relatively non-porn spam prone sites, please do post links, as even with a mirror, getting this job done without a proper visual could easily end in hilarious disaster.

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