pure_midori (pure_midori) wrote in vaginapagina,

Discharge/infections everytime I have Intercourse with BF

I have had BV and YI since I started having sex with my boyfriend in August. Ive been treated multiple times and It keeps happening.
These are the things I am thinking about doing:

Burning my underwear and throwing away all my pants
Bleaching my bathroom
Lysol the rest of my clothes
Taking some probiotics

I am at a loss here. I am going to the doctor monday and my BF is finally coming with and maybe he can get treated also? Do you think this all could be happening because he drinks beer everyday? (I maybe have a drink once a week and its never beer)

Its getting so bad that sometimes the discharge is light pink and my vag is so sore and itchy.

Please help me stop reinfecting myself. Each doctor visit is 250 dollars and Im at the point where bill collectors are starting to call. Plus I feel horrible about myself and Im losing my sex drive. I just want to be healthy happy and sexual.

Background on me: Ive lost 50 pounds this year and my immune system is low. Ive never had an STD or vag infection until I met this boy.
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