pink_is4girls (pink_is4girls) wrote in vaginapagina,

When to take pregnancy test

I have been off the birth control pill since probably the last week of November. On December 11 (last Saturday) I had protected sex with maybe 30 seconds of unprotected penetration. Yesterday I went to the gynecologist to renew my birth control prescription and she gave me a urine pregnancy test which was negative.

1. I'm concerned about the likelihood of a negative pregnancy test maybe turning positive later. I don't really think I came into contact with any of his ejaculate, and I don't know if I have begun to ovulate again in the three or four weeks since I have been off the pill.

2. When should I take another pregnancy test and know for sure it's accurate? I don't know when to expect my period given that I've just had a couple weeks off from birth control.

Additionally: I have developed a huge issue about unprotected sex. I swore it off as something I never want to do again outside of marriage because it is too stressful to me, worrying about possible stds or bacterial infections or pregnancy. It makes me feel very guilty to have even unprotected penetration, which I think qualifies as unprotected sex no matter how long the duration... so I am feeling extremely guilty and disappointed in myself. I keep telling my partner(s) that I do not want to have unprotected sex, and I keep feeling pressured to give in for at least a little before I put a stop to it. It turns out that background, education, racial disparities, and various levels of respect and trust seem to have no bearing on the frequency of a male wanting unprotected sex.

I really feel like shit because of this and waiting weeks or whatever to have more conclusive results doesn't help - I feel like I'm going to feel like shit the entire time until it's settled... I know ultimately it's on me to allow a guy to penetrate me unprotected, and I keep trying not to let it happen but eventually I usually give in even if I still try to make sure it's not long enough to cause any of his fluids to have contact with mine... please advise me on how I can be more clear about this, and make sure it doesn't happen. This is a weakness that I am very sad to have, as I am generally very self assured and assertive and normally don't allow things to happen to me that I don't want to happen. I'm just sick of feeling like this and being disappointed in myself for the same thing, even though it doesn't happen every time I have sex. I just don't want it to happen anymore.

I am curious, am I the only one who feels pressured to have unprotected sex? I feel like most guys want to do it that way, and don't even ask about my sexual history or sexual health until afterwards, if at all, which is the more likely way it happens. I feel like it happens to me more frequently than it happens to other girls even though I've read that in general heterosexual couples are more lax about having protected sex if it's thought that the girl can't get pregnant. It's just like, the guy never really insists on condoms the entire act and seems to assume everything will be ok and doesn't care too much about being safe. I hate this.
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