~*~Kayla~*~ (cantxgetxaxgrip) wrote in vaginapagina,

Scar Tissue

Hello, all. I'm new here. Quick basics: Kayla, 22 year old wife, mom, & psychology student. All right, boring stuff over, onto the problem.

I tried looking through the tags and whatnot and didn't see anything related. Feel free to correct me if I overlooked!

After having my son and waiting out the whole time suggested by the doctor to start having sex again, it has now been nearing 2 years since sex has been "normal" for us. It'S so not fair and it's this gigantic viscious cycle and knowing the problem hasn't entirely helped as much as I'd hoped considering the doctor said "You just have to work through it."

So what is the problem? Maybe the post's subject gave you an idea, but basically, there's scar tissue down there from when I gave birth. Basically an added layer of skin making me smaller than I already am. So NOT awesome. Not for me, anyway, haha the smaller/tighter part feels amazing for my husband lmao. Me? Pain. Lots of pain. So much that I tend to not even want to have sex. Obviously, this is a problem.

Now, as I've said, my doctor told me there's pretty much nothing we can do except work through it and stretch me out again. Well, when it hurts more now than my very first time....it's kind of hard to just do it. Like, my plan after coming back from the doctor was "Just do it. Even if I'm not super into it, do it so we can get to the fun again." This did not work as well as planned.

So, new plan? Use a vibrator/dildo that is slightly smaller than my husband to help. Again, not working so well. I told my husband if he could just detach his penis, maybe this would work out easier, but he seemed against finding a way to make that happen, hah!

I'm thinking another part of the problem is me not getting/staying very wet. We use a ridiculous amount of lube so that's not the deal.

So has anyone else ever had this scar tissue problem before and do you have any other suggestions? I want my sexlife back!
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