redheadedrebel (redheadedrebel) wrote in vaginapagina,

period delayed by surgery

I'm not really worried about this, but just kinda curious...

I had to have a appendectomy monday night and am expecting my period this week...on thursday, so its not really late yet. there are no chances of me being prego either.

Since I've most likely already ovulated will my period still come this month? or is possible that the surgery did something and I might not bleed?

I did ask about the antibiotics causing a yeast infection and the nurse said it shouldn't be a issue(or at least the IV ones I got every 6 hours), but I forgot to ask about it when I got a prescription for take home antibiotics. So other than eating yogurt daily and taking my cranberry pills, is there anything else I can do to ward off the yeasties?
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